I cannot even begin to express…

my tomato plant from 2013 survived the winter.
my tomato plant from 2013 survived the winter.

It appears that this bitter, dark, viciously cold, snowed in winter is starting to dissipate. THE BIRDS ARE SINGING! I kicked off my end to winter party by finally getting into the recording studio with James to begin the long awaited process of recording our new project. Gregor Ashe, the recording engineer has done a superb job already and I am very much looking forward to spending more time with him as the project progresses.

In mid February I went coastal and spent four days writing in almost isolation with the fabulous and insanely talented RC Weslowski. I wrote 17 pieces of work and am still combing through it all to see if there’s anything that is actually… well, you know, worth keeping. Some of it might be.

I had a really great time performing at CR Avery’s “art closing” at a friend’s cafe in Vancouver. It was like a family or high school reunion, except, you know, with people that you really really like. CR has an impeccable way of bringing people together to celebrate and I have so much gratitude for the invitation to participate.

On top of that, My dear friend and colleague Zaccheus Jackson invited me to perform at his cabaret event as part of the Talking Stick festival in Vancouver. Another night of profound love and appreciation with artists from all directions.

Within the last day or so, I am finally feeling the tug of the busy busy of spring. Poetry month is coming (which to me, it’s always poetry month) and I’ve been invited to do some exciting things. Namely, I am so excited and honoured to share the stage with D’bi Young and Robert Lashley while James and I Vancouver debut the new work at verses fest. I couldn’t be in better hands right now.

This is just to say thank you! Winter was getting pretty dim there. Because of all of you, it feels like summer is right here!