Author: Magpie Ulysses

  • New Indiefeed podcast up today!

    Thank you so much to Mongo for this startlingly generous podcast about James and I’s project. It has been a labour of love and it continues to inspire me into new directions and new projects. I am so thankful for Mongo’s words and for your ears! LISTEN HERE!

  • Announcement #1

    I have some upcoming arts announcements. Here is the first one!

  • Goodbye friend

    Goodbye my sweet, maniacal, powerful speak teach freak of a friend. I have been made a better person because of you. You are and will continue to be missed dearly.     

  • I cannot even begin to express…

    It appears that this bitter, dark, viciously cold, snowed in winter is starting to dissipate. THE BIRDS ARE SINGING! I kicked off my end to winter party by finally getting into the recording studio with James to begin the long awaited process of recording our new project. Gregor Ashe, the recording engineer has done a…